Adding Items to My Closet

Creating your Connected Closet™ does take a little time, but the ((rewards)) are well worth the time and effort you spend getting setup - and the more information you add, the smarter the app will become. 

To get started, there are three ways to add items to your closet:

  • Search Our Product Database for items you own
  • Upload pictures of your items
  • Add everyday items from our closet basics list


Adding Items from the Product Database

Once logged into the Hanger app, click the plus icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar. The add screen will display. Select the "Search Our Catalog" option.

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The search screen will appear allowing you to search thousands of stores and brands. Because the product database is so large, be as descriptive as possible with your search terms. For example:

  • Works: Black Skirt
  • Better: H&M Black Skirt
  • Best: H&M Black Leather Skirt

  • Works: Blue shirt
  • Better: Nordstrom Blue Shirt
  • Best: Nordstrom Women Collared Blue Shirt

 (insert image)

Once you have found your item, click the item twice to add it to your closet. The Item Details screen will appear allowing you to add information about your item including:

  • Size
  • Store
  • Price
  • Purchase Date
  • Tags (these help you find and group items together)

This information helps the system to track price per wear, your favorite brands and stores and calculate how well other items fit your style - so you make good shopping decisions!

At the bottom of the form, you can choose your privacy setting. The "friends" option will allow your friends on the platform to see the item in your closet and use it to create outfit mashups for you or themselves. The "Private" setting hides the item from everyone but you. 

Once you have added your information, click the "Next" button to save. If you wish to add the information later, scroll to the bottom and click the "Save & Skip" button.

(Learn more about why adding information is important)

NOTE: If you have previously save & skipped items, clicking the "Next" button will display the next item in the previously saved list. Items remain in the list until the item is assigned a shelf in your closet. All other information is optional. To exit, click the "Save & Skip" button. 


Uploading Your Items with Photos

From the bottom navigation bar, click the plus icon to display the add screen. You will see two options for uploading items - Import from Gallery or Take Item Photo



As you might guess, "Take Item Photo" allows you to take a photo of an item and upload while in the app. If you have taken photos of multiple items in advance, use the Import From Gallery option. You may upload up to 50 images through the import option. 

((Here are some tips for taking and uploading your photos))

Once you have photographed the item or imported your photos from the gallery, you will be taken to the Item Details screen to assign items to their proper shelf and add additional information (as described above).

Once you have added the information on your item, select the "Next" button to move to the next item in the upload (or return to your closet when all items have been detailed).

You may skip adding details to the items/images by clicking the "Save & Skip" option at the bottom of the form. You images will still be uploaded, however, any items which have not been assigned to a shelf, will be flagged in the "Unshelved" menu item. To return to the details form simply click Menu > Unshelved. 


Adding Closet Basics

Many of us have items in our closet that come in multiple colors - tanks, tees, leggings, etc. The closet basics tools allows you to quickly add those items without having to search for each color or take multiple photos.

To add items from the basics catalog, click the add button on the bottom navigation bar. On the Add screen, click the "Basic Quick Add" button.


The items in the catalog will appear. Just like adding an item from the product catalog, simply double click the items you wish to add. This will take you to the Item Details screen where you can add information on the brand, store, price, etc. Once you are done, simply click the "Next" button to save.  


Making It Easier to Upload   

We know the uploading process takes some effort. Our team continually works on new ways to make the process easier - including browser extensions, in-store integrations, and barcode scanning. We believe RFID and barcode enabled tags will be the norm in just a few years. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can make the process easier for you, please email us at


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